CPA with Tax Preparation Experience.

At Huddleston Tax CPAs, we are often searching for high quality CPAs & experienced tax accountants.  Our firm offers flexibility that is unavailable at large CPA firms.  Our clients are nearly all small business.  Accordingly, our CPAs are able to work directly with small business owners on a variety of interesting tax and accounting issues that are vital to our clients’ success.
The experience, education & commitment of our CPAs (see Profile) facilitates our goal to provide excellent service to our clients.  Our success in this endeavor contributes to the success of our small business clients.  If you are able to contribute to this success, please email or apply directly to:
Huddleston Tax CPAs
40 Lake Bellevue, Suite 100
Bellevue, WA  98005


We are seeking experienced Quickbooks bookkeepers to serve new clients in the several areas around Washington and Portland.  Position is work from home as we are a Seattle firm and do not have a offices in these other areas.  Position is part-time in the beginning.  Hours will grow as more clients are added.   Position will include complete bookkeeping for some clients, training and setup, or just occasional consulting for other clients.  The prospective clients contact us initially.  You will follow up to determine their needs and serve those needs.  The position requires frequently responding to inquiries from clients and prospective clients.  If you are not good about responding to email and telephone inquiries in a timely fashion, please do not apply.  Since this is work from home, it requires some discipline to get your work done.

Available Positions:

  1. Spokane Quickbooks Bookkeeper
  2. Vancouver Washington Quickbooks Bookkeeper
  3. Portland Oregon Quickbooks Bookkeeper
  4. Bellingham Quickbooks Bookkeeper
  5. Yakima Quickbooks Bookkeeper
  6. Kitsap County Quickbooks Bookkeeper

How to Apply:

Do not call. Email your resume and testimonials to Include your telephone number. Include the words “job proposal” in the subject line.  Please specify any scheduling or other issues that may impact your availability.