Filing your taxes can be extremely stressful. One of the best ways to reduce the stress that come with tax time is being prepared. Whether you utilize the quality tax preparation services from Huddleston Tax CPAs or wish to prepare your taxes by yourself, our Tax Center provides access to a variety of tax forms and tools that will help make tax time as easy as possible.

The team of certified public accountants at Huddleston Tax CPAs has the knowledge and experience to make your tax preparation quick and painless. And now we have turned this experience into a variety of great tools available at the click of a mouse. Some of the tax preparation tools available in our Tax Center include:

• State Tax Forms – No matter where in the country you have lived, Huddleston Tax CPAs makes it easy to find the required tax forms.
• Tax Rates – Get access to the current year’s tax rates so you can gain a better understanding of how your business is sitting for the current tax year.
• Tax Forms & Publications – The laws and regulations from the IRS change every year. Our Tax center puts the current tax forms and IRS publications at your fingertips.
• 1040 Tax Estimator – Concerned about how much tax you will have to pay this year? Our 1040 tax estimator will provide an insight into your total yearly taxes.

And best of all, the information available from the Huddleston Tax CPAs Tax Center is available to you absolutely free! For further information or to inquire about our tax and accounting services contact Huddleston Tax CPAs today at 1-800-376-1785.