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Many businesses and business owners struggle every day with whether or not they should hire a CPA or a financial planner. While sometimes these job titles can be used interchangeably, they often perform very different functions. The majority of CPAs focus solely on tax matters, but there are some CPAs who can actually help with non-tax matters as well.

The one great thing about those in the financial industry is that many financial professionals have a wide breadth of knowledge, especially CPAs. It all boils down to the experience and area of expertise for the particular person in question. You can have expertise in one area but working knowledge in another.

If you want to know whether your CPA can help you with non-tax matters, you simply need to ask them that question. Your CPA knows their own capabilities better than anyone else, and if you’ve hired an honest one, he will be entirely candid about his qualifications. He will also be willing to point you in the direction of others who may be more able to assist you in the event that his own qualifications do not meet your particular needs.

When in doubt, always seek the opinion of another CPA or other trusted individual in the field; not only can they give you an unbiased outlook, but they can also possibly save you from wasting money in the future.

Does your CPA help with non-tax issues? Are they well versed in subject matters outside of tax? In what other ways have they helped your business grow? Leave your comments below.

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Five Traits Every Successful CPA Should Have

CPA Qualities Accountants Successful

CPA Traits

Hiring a CPA can be a challenging task, especially if you have never hired one before. A quick google search of CPAs in your area will prove to you that the industry is vast and that there are many CPAs available for work throughout the local and national areas. When looking for a CPA, you want to make sure you identify the one who is best for you.

Here are 5 traits every successful CPA should have:


I am a firm believer that teamwork makes the dream work, and if your CPA isn’t supportive from the day you meet him or her then they probably are not the CPA for you. A CPA will be responsible for cleaning up any financial messes you find yourself in and you want to be assured that the CPA you hire isn’t just out to get your money but instead is there to help your business grow.


While a CPA is in no sense a life coach, they are your finance coach in many ways. It is important that your CPA motivate you to make better financial decisions so that you can improve your overall financial future.

Analytical Thinker

Anyone who becomes a CPA loves numbers and for that reason alone they are able to think on an analytical level. If you meet with your CPA and notice that they don’t think analytically you may want to make sure they are really a properly credentialed and licensed CPA. How can you help manage finances if you don’t enjoy analyzing things to death?


There is no cookie-cutter way to say it, but we all need money to survive. Hiring a CPA who is straightforward and honest with you is imperative to your future success. You want to know not only how to improve your finances but also how you can keep them in a better place in the future.


As with any profession, it is imperative that the CPA you hire be confident about the expertise they bring to the table. You want to always make sure you have people on your team who are confident in their gifts, especially as it relates to your finances.

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