An Offer in Compromise is an option for you to seek a settlement and pay less than you owe on your IRS tax debt. Take a look at some of the other IRS representation and accounting services we offer. We can help you arrange:

  • Cash offers
  • Short-term deferred payment offers
  • Deferred payment offers

How do I know if I qualify? There are a few factors which determine your standing in an Offer in Compromise. Here are two basic and important components:

  • Annual Income—If your annual income permits repayment of the full amount of tax debt that you owe, you will not qualify for an offer in compromise.
  • Assets—If you are deemed to have assets, which through sale could cover the entirety of your tax debt, you will not qualify for an Offer in Compromise.

How do I measure my income and assets against my tax debt? This is where our tax representation services at Huddleston Tax CPAs comes into play. We help you determine how what you have stacks up against what you owe. Through valuation, our CPAs will provide the informed counsel you need to successfully navigate an Offer in Compromise, which can save you money and restore clarity to your financial picture. With the burden of a large tax debt, sometimes a person won’t always think so clearly. Successful negotiations require a clear and thorough approach. Our CPAs can provide this. We will help you move competently and confidently through an Offer in Compromise.

Watch this video on our Offer in Compromise services:

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