A Checklist for Those Who File Taxes at the Last Minute

You probably came across this blog post because you have waited until the last minute possible to file your taxes. Well you’re in luck because we have created this checklist specifically for those who file their taxes at the last minute.
• Ask the IRS for a transcript – Were you late because one of your tax forms didn’t arrive? If so, get a transcript from the IRS. In the transcript, you will be able to see all of your tax history, which will allow you to go ahead and file before the April deadline.
• Look at the previous year’s return – As long as you have not had any drastic changes occur, many of your tax fields will remain the same (outside of your income). If you file through one of the tax software’s you should be able to automatically transfer last year’s return information into your new return.
• Contribute to Your IRA – If you have not topped off your IRA yet, go ahead and get it done now. Depending on the type of account that you have it could reduce your tax liability for the year.
• Triple check and then check again – Since you are trying to get your taxes done before the filing deadline you are probably rushing and are more than likely going to make some errors. Therefore, you want to check the return extra carefully to make sure that everything is accurate to avoid repercussions.

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