How to Avoid Charity Rip Offs

Charity isn’t always the angelic industry we’d like to think it is. There are many scams out there just waiting to trip you up and steal your money. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your kindness, here are a few ways to avoid those charity rip offs.CharityPic

Do Your Research

The Federal government has done most of the work for you. To put it simply, bodies like Charity Watch are able to tell you about some of the big scammers in the industry. It doesn’t take much to search for a name and see what people are saying about them.

Take the Long Way Around

Most people prefer convenience. They like the fact they can click on a link they see on Facebook to make a donation. This is where scammers can take advantage of you because the chances are you aren’t paying full attention to what you’re doing.

The only way to ensure that you aren’t being scammed is to go directly to the website of the organization and make the donation through there.

Request Information Don’t Give It

No charity needs your social security number or anything to do with your account to receive a donation. And ignore anything they say about needing that information to make the donation tax deductible. They don’t need to know anything about your account.

The only information required is their account information so you can make the donation.

It’s easy to avoid charity rip offs if you educate yourself before making a donation. Which charity will you donate to this year?

Image credit: Steven Depolo