Tax Beneficial Investment Opportunities to Think About

With tax season around every corner, feeling the need to complete your taxes can be a daunting and tedious task. However, this is a huge opportunity to cultivate investments and find openings to devote capital so that your tax return can be improved.StockMarketScrabble

IRA and 401k

The simplest and most upfront way to reduce your taxable income is to take advantage of your tax-deferred retirement accounts. Contributing to your Traditional IRA or 401k account is a good way to put aside money to increase your long-term investment. Remember that most companies and organizations will match your 401k deposit.

Municipal Bonds

Under present federal income tax rules, interest received from investing in municipal bonds is free from any federal tax rates. This means you can increase your income without increasing your income tax. Municipals bonds are debt securities issued by the government to receive financial capital toward their budget and are used on community projects such as building schools, roads, and sewer systems.


Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are low cost alternatives to mutual funds. ETFs still track indexes, have a limited portfolio turnover, and are capital gain distributors to investors. Taxes from gains on ETFs are due when the investor sells the funds. This gives them a significant advantage to tax-deferral over mutual funds.


Getting through your taxes can be troublesome, but using the opportunity to invest is one you can’t pass up. Use your tax return to cultivate your capital and create financially stable prospects for your future.

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