Tips for Knowing if You Have Received a Fake TurboTax Email

Unfortunately, scammers and crooks have been using TurboTax as an avenue to try to claim some ill-gotten gains. The most common method of doing this is to use a fake email to get you to reveal information. If you have received an email from the organization, here are some ways to check if it’s genuine.FakeEmail

Asking for Personal Information

If the email asks for anything like your social security number, don’t send it. TurboTax has no reason to know what your social security number is. The same goes with the vast majority of personal information. It isn’t relevant to them. Anything that is relevant they will already have on file.

Mouse Over the Link

Fake links are another way criminals gather information. If there’s a link to click on in the email, mouse over it first. At the bottom of your browser you will see the address for the link. If it doesn’t go to the official TurboTax website, you already know it’s a scam.

Perfect Spelling, Grammar, and Graphics

You already know what a genuine TurboTax email looks like. You receive one when you first register. Compare the email you received to the original and see if it is similar. A genuine email will be error free, so if there are any you should automatically assume the email is fake.


If you do spot a fake email, notify TurboTax immediately. Inform them of the email and where it came from. They will take the appropriate action. This will go towards helping out other users who may fall victim to such scams.

Image credit: Joe the Goat Farmer