Top Tax Calculators

Tax calculators make figuring out your tax return a breeze. Estimating how much you’ll get back or owe by using a tax calculator is simple and easy. Here are some of the top tax calculators available to you online.

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H&R Block’s Tax Refund Calculator

This calculator from H&R Block is very straightforward. It provides progressive instructions on how to easily estimate your tax refund. H&R block makes the process easy and pain-free with four simple steps.

TurboTax’s TaxCaster

TaxCaster is a free tool available on the web as well as mobile. TaxCaster has an app available for download on the Apple App store, Google play, and Amazon. This simple calculator allows you to add multiple sources of income as well as tax deductibles and credits in its final estimation.

BizDeductor’s Capital Gains Calculator

This capital gains calculator can provide an estimate on any capital gains taxes for all of your stock transactions. The tax impact on investing can be substantial, so make sure you know how much you’re being taxed before buying and selling stocks.

TaxBrain Tax Estimator

This in-depth calculator allows you to estimate how much you’ll owe the federal government with specific questions that help narrow down your cost. The calculator is free and the entire process consists of only six easy steps.

Final Word

These four effective calculators will help guide you through your tax refund, and help you to estimate other forms of taxes with ease. Best of all, these calculators are readily accessible to you online for free.

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