States with the Lowest Sales Taxes

When it comes to tax relief, it can seem like taxes are something that you can’t get away from. Fortunately, this is not true. There are some states that have low to no sales taxes for the state. If you are interested in moving to a state that will collect less in tax, here are a few suggestions.MapHawaii

Alaska―Almost Negative Taxes!

When it comes to low sales tax rates, few states do it better than Alaska. Though prices for goods may be higher in Alaska, this is offset by not having any sales taxes at all. Along with no sales taxes, there is no state income tax in Alaska. And as if this were not good enough, you also receive revenue from the state of Alaska for every year you are a resident, just for living in the state!

No Sales Tax States

New Hampshire, Montana, Delaware, and Oregon collect no sales tax in the state. For residents, this means that the costs of goods and services are less expensive than many other places and therefore, more affordable.


Colorado may be known to have “sin” taxes on several items, but it has a state sales tax rate of 2.90-percent. Though this is a fairly low rate, the overall total paid for goods and services may be higher due to local taxes.


The Aloha state is one of the states which have the lowest state sales tax while still imposing sales tax at all. The sales tax rate in Hawaii is 4 percent.


This Midwestern state is affordable in many ways, in part because of its low state sales tax rate. Wisconsin has a 4.53 percent sales tax rate for its residents.

Image credit: Waifer X