The States with the Highest “Sin” Taxes

Most states in the union will have taxes on all consumables. There are some states that levy an extra tax on things such as alcohol, tobacco, and junk food. Taxes specifically on items like cigarettes and liquor are considered “sin” taxes. Here are the states that have the highest sin taxes in the United States.MonopolyBoardTax

Washington State

The state of Washington was going through a major budget deficit and decided to make up the shortfall with a sin tax. The taxes apply to cigarettes, alcohol of all types, and candy. For cigarettes, picking up the carton of 20 will cost an extra $3.02. For some other states, this is almost the cost of another pack of cigarettes. A gallon of wine will cost just under $1 extra in tax each. Candy charges around $.10 more every time you purchase it.


This nice and quiet state is known for their high sin tax on certain products. Connecticut features a tax on a carton of cigarettes for around $3.40. If you purchase spirits in the same state, the tax will be around $5.40 per gallon of spirits, depending on what you buy.

New York

New York is known to levy hefty taxes in general, as New York City has federal tax, state tax, and city tax for its citizens to pay. If you are interested in a carton of cigarettes in NY, you will find yourself paying the extra sum of $4.35 in tax. NYC also charges an extra sum on candy and soda, whereas there is no tax on non-junk food in grocery stores.

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